Instructions for completing and submitting the application


NOTE: The time limit for completing and submitting the form is one (1) hour from your login to the application platform!

Uploading of attached documents:

  • Allowed file formats pdf, jpeg, jpg, png
  • File size must be less than 5MB per file
  • File name: the file name is given by the system during upload regardless of the original name
  • Each supporting document must be in its entirety in one electronic file and not each page separately.

Upon completing the submission of the application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address you provided.

Documents required to apply:

  • Brief CV
  • Identity card (in pdf file, both sides scanned on one page)
  • Discount voucher (if applicable)

In any case, you can contact KEDIVIM for clarifications and assistance in the submission process. 


Read in detail about the personal data protection policy HERE