Board of KEDIVIM


Professor Georgios Kossioris, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Lifelong Learning, International Relations & Outlook

The members of the Board (with a term of 25/4/2022 to 24/4/2026, according to the decision of the 483rd/14-4-2022 regular session of the Senate) consists of:

- the Chairman of KEDIVIM

- the Director of KEDIVIM (non-voting)

Nikolaos Papadakis, Professor of the Department of Political Science (According to the decision of the 481st/17-3-2022 regular session of the Senate, ID: 6H2Θ469B7G-FGL)

- one representative of each Faculty of the Institution, one deputy representative from each Faculty of the Institution.

Coordinating/Training Manager of the KEDIVIM's Training Programmes in collaboration with the Public Employment Service (DYPA): Mr Alexandros Maridakis, Laboratory Teaching  Staff, Dept. of History and Archaeology


Regular Member

Deputy Member

School of Letter

Mini Panayiota, Associate Professor  Dept. of Philology

Tegos Spyridon,

Associate Professor Dept of Philosophy and Social Studies

School of Education

Anastasiadis Panagiotis

Professor  Department of Preschool Education

Eleftherakis Theodore

Assistant Professor Department of Preschool Education

School of Social Sciences

Stylidis Dimitrios

Assistant Professor Dept. of Economics

Petousi Vasiliki

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sociology

School of Sciences & Engineering

Stathi Iasmi

Laboratory Teaching  Staff

Fassoulas Charalampos

Laboratory Teaching  Staff

School of Medicine

Tsilimbaris Miltiadis

Professor of Ophthalmology

Sourvinos Giorgos Professor of Clinical Virology