KEDIVIM implements educational programmes in Greek, or any other official European language with the aim of:

  • Linking vocational education and training to modern socio-economic realities, making a qualitative contribution to increasing employability, enhancing mobility, ensuring equal opportunities in the society of knowledge and strengthening social cohesion.
  • Strengthening human resources by providing professional knowledge, skills and abilities that create a strategic advantage for growth in key sectors for the Greek economy.
  • Integration, reintegration, occupational mobility within the labour market, at national and transnational level.
  • Completion, updating and upgrading of knowledge, competences and skills acquired through the formal vocational education and initial vocational training system.
  • Validation of knowledge and certification of informal, non-formal learning acquired through long-term professional experience.
  • Provision of specialized knowledge and transversal key competences and certification of their acquisition, through the assessment of learning outcomes fully aligned with the specifications of specific occupational profiles.
  •  Improving the attractiveness of the quality and performance of vocational education and training in Greece.
  • Contribution of the academic staff of the University to the promotion of innovation, creativity, competitiveness and entrepreneurship of the Greek economy.
  • Creation of partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations with domestic institutions or similar institutions abroad in the context of the design and implementation of education and training programmes.