Submission and management of comments in the form of complaints of students of the University of Crete

Within the framework of the student-centered approach that characterizes the University of Crete, every possible effort is made for the continuous improvement of its services and the maintenance of excellent relations between its members. Knowing that during the study it is possible to make remarks in the form of complaints from students, the University of Crete encourages and urges its students to contact directly the person or service concerned, in order to address any problems resolved through fruitful dialogue. At the same time, students can formally report their complaint to the institution that has the relevant authority. The complainant has the opportunity to remain anonymous if the rules of procedure of the institution that will manage it, have not defined otherwise.

To submit your comment / complaint, please select the institution you think should handle it by following the appropriate link. Please note that in the event that the institution you choose is not responsible for managing the matter, you will be sent the appropriate information.

  • Department's Head
  • Head of administrative service
  • Student Advocate email:
  • Gender Equality Committee {by filling in the electronic report form on the website of EIF, Menu: anti-discrimination> Reports}
  • Data Protection Officer { e-mail}
Gallou campus, zip: 74100, Rethymnon
Voutes campus, zip: 70013, Herakleion
0030 281-079-4000