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Επιλογή Γλώσσας

Admissions Procedures

All Erasmus students must be nominated by their university.

If you would like to apply for an Erasmus mobility period at the University of Crete, at first, you need to be nominated by your sending institution. After we receive your nomination, we will send you an e-mail with instructions how to submit your application.

If you need some guidance on how to grade your language skills (self-assessment) please visit the Europass Language Passport website.
You will need to state whether you are applying for a single semester or the full year 

Nomination / Application deadlines 

Full year : June 15 
Winter semester : June 15
Spring semester: November 15


** Apply online **

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** Experience Questionnaire **

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What you need to bring
Health insurance : Through your home university or directly through your home health authority apply for a European Health Insurance Card and bring this with you. It entitles you to full medical coverage while you are here.
If you are not eligible for the EHIC, request advice from your home university International Office about health and insurance cover for your period abroad, or contact us.

When you get here

On arrival - all incoming Erasmus students have to register first with the International Relations Officer responsible for the Department you will be in. You will be given the necessary admission document as an exchange student and after that you can enroll in the Department where you have been accepted.
On registration: the Department's Secretariat will provide you with

  • a student identification card 'passo' which gives you right of access to all University facilities (libraries, sports facilities, etc) It also entitles you to reduced fares on public transport (bus, rail) and on ferries and some flights.

  • Information on medical insurance/care procedures and facilities.

Entry visa & residence permits

For students from EU member states, the only document required to enter Greece is a passport or an identity card valid for the length of your stay.
If your country of origin is not an EU Member, you are advised to contact the Greek Embassy or Consulate in your home country for entrance regulations prior to your departure.
Usually, you will need a student visa in order to study at the University of Crete, and for this you will usually need a letter from the University of Crete (provided by the International Office) which states the reason for your visit and the duration of your stay.
A student visa is a 3-month single entry visa. On arrival, if your study period is longer than 3 months, you will need to apply for a residence permit which will be valid for the duration of your studies.
You will need to provide a number of documents including :

  • 2 photocopies of your passport & your visa, verified as true copies
  • Confirmation of scholarship from your home University (to be translated into Greek)

You will also need documents from the University & the International Office confirming your status as an Erasmus student registered at the University, and also copies of a health certificate confirming health examinations (x-ray and blood tests) which can be done here in every public hospital.
Applications for residence permits are made at the Immigration Office of the Municipality- in Heraklion at Monis Prevelis St. Tel: 2810 245102, /241902 and in Rethymno at the Immigration Office at Apolloniatou 6, Tel: +30 28310 20801.

For more information see Visa & Residence Formalities & contact usif you need advice or assistance.


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